Campus Heiveld

About the Project

30 apartments for the elderly with facilities for professional care, distributed through 2 buildings of 3 and 4 floors with an underground car park. This enterprise has outdoor leisure areas and common covered areas for social events. There are common covered walkways and both the buildings have equipment for the production of solar energy.

OJP constructed the foundations with footings, and the beams and walls of the basement in reinforced concrete made in situ; mixed superstructure with elements in concrete made in situ, the inclusion of various metallic profiles, with pre-fabricated concrete (pillars and walls) and masonry in Silico-Calcareous blocks; floor slabs with the utilization of different systems of formwork and pre-fabricated lightweight floor slabs; insertion of pre-fabricated staircases; masonry with visible concrete blocks and others to be overlaid.



Duration of the Project:

14 months


Gent, Belgium