Gebouw M Wilrijk

About the Project

Neighbour of building O, both form the central campus of Wilrijk in the University of Antwerp. Building M has classrooms for theoretical and practical lessons and an investigation centre for Rehabilitation Sciences. The ground floor has an ample bicycle park. This building has a ground floor and 3 storeys. A void with circulation paths around it is envisaged in the interior, which will allow natural light to enter.

OJP made the foundations composed of footings, beams and slabs; most of the concrete elements of the superstructure were made in situ and remain visible as part of the design – pillars, walls and slabs; laying of lightweight floor slabs with concreting of

the compression layer in situ; construction of the metal structure with the insertion of various metal elements (pillars and beams); insertion of pre-fabricated staircases and insulation panels; visible concrete block masonry.



Duration of the Project:

24 months


Wilrijk, Belgium