About the Project

The first building in a project which constitutes 2 office tower blocks. This building is 98m tall, with 21 storeys above ground and 2 underground storeys for car parking.

OJP made all the reinforced concrete in situ and the insertion and sealing of all the pre-fabricated concrete elements; construction of the nucleus of the building with hydraulic climbing framework PERI, the surface of each floor framed being 1005m2; up to the level of the second floor, the vertical and horizontal structures and solid elements, with the exception of the circular architectural pillars which were pre- fabricated, were made in situ; above the second floor, the structural solutions include various pre-fabricated elements such as lightweight honeycomb slabs, edge beams and pillars. This solution permitted the construction of 1 storey per week; Special Projects: the last 2 double height storeys which contain pillars and beams in situ on the exterior edges of the building.



Duration of the Project:

30 months


Brussels, Belgium