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About the Project

Construction of the new headquarters of TUC RAIL in Valônia, the building is composed of one part for services (ground floor and 3 storeys) and another part for offices (ground floor and 5 storeys).In the underground levels there are 2 storeys for car parking.

OJP constructed the foundations with footings, slab foundations and retaining walls in pre-fabricated elements; mixed superstructure with elements in concrete made in situ and pre-fabricated concrete (honeycomb slabs and peripheral wall slabs); insertion of extremely large TT beams; fixing of visible wood wool insulation panels in technical zones and in the car parking area; insertion of pre-fabricated staircases; fixing of rock wool insulation on all the facades; masonry of visible concrete blocks and others to be overlaid.


Infrabel (SNCB Holding S.A.)

Duration of the Project:

16 months


Charleroi, Belgium